Types of Raised Garden Beds Kits

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Raised bed gardening involves mounding soil and containing it in a higher ground than the level of the surrounding soil. Although raised bed gardening was an old gardening practice, it has gained popularity in the recent years because it offers many advantages as compared to simply growing plants in the normal level ground. 

Thousands of gardeners are using raised bed kits to achieve their gardening needs today. They are easier to build and liven up the gardening experience. These kits come in various sizes and materials. The most popular material for making these beds is cedar as it can withstand the deluge of moisture caused by constant watering. Synthetic decking materials are also used to make raised garden bed kits since they are designed to withstand water and pressure.

Most raised bed kits come with all the pieces and fasteners needed to assemble the bed. Assembly may possibly only require a wrench and screwdriver, at the most. They come in various sizes that can suit any place in your garden. There are several types of garden bed kits available in the market. You can choose the best one depending on your needs and preferences. If you want to build your own raised garden bed, here are some kits that can help you achieve your goal.

Raised Bed Corners

When constructing a raised garden bed, most of the work involves joining the corners. There are many excellent connectors that would help you deal with this problem. These connectors are made of aluminium which is coated with powder and topped with tight plastic caps to block water. To install them, simply hammer them right into the ground and then slide in the boards.

There are four different heights for brackets: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. If you want to make the most out of a raised bed, then you should choose the 12 inch type. You can even double them to make taller raised garden beds.

Each of the four sizes fits standard 2 x lumbers. If you are using over 4 feet boards, then you should add the same "in-line connectors" so that the structure does not bow. Some assembly is required. The brackets are often sold in sets of two.

Cedar Raised Bed

This nice little kit comes with everything needed to construct a raised garden bed except soil and plants. Its boards are made of untreated and rot-resistant cedar. To install it, anchor the corners right into the ground and then slide in the boards. If it comes with caps, then you can use them at this point. It may take some persuasion to lay it out square, though repositioning the corners is quite easy.

The most common size is the 3 x 6 feet though 3 x 8 feet and 3 x 10 feet models are also available. With a depth of 13 inches, you' will get proper drainage; however, some plant roots may probably go into the sub-soil. Assembly is required. 

Self-Watering Raised Beds

If you have problem watering plants, then this is the ideal kit for you. It comes with two reservoirs with a capacity of 4 gallons which allow you to continually water the planting area. It has a depth of 12 inches which promotes better drainage and spring warming, though plant roots would possibly spread. 

It has UV-stabilized polypropylene sides so it’s fade resistant. You can choose white, brown or green colour and its look complements well with wood grained resin. This type of garden can even be placed on casters to allow portability. Another notable feature is the water gauge that alerts you when you should refill the reservoir. Assembly is required

Forever Raised Bed

The notable features of these raised garden bed kits are easy assembly and long lasting composite sides. The sides are made of rot-resistant composite of wood and plastic that bear close resemblance to cedar, but even longer lasting. The unit has aluminium joints in it and so they are invisible.

These raised beds come in 3 x 3 feet or 3 x 6 feet sizes, with a depth of 10.5 inches. It offers better drainage, warming and control over your soil. Assembly is required. 

Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing raised garden bed kits include the size of your garden, the cost of the kit and the plant you want to put on the beds.


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