All About The Rose Market

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It is amazing that something as simple and quietly elegant as the rose, a simple flower has such a huge market.  Not only in the flower itself, but in the products, the word itself which sparks stories, poems, and songs, and the fact that the rose plays an enormous part in romance.

There is an endless array of products and services that centre on the popularity of the rose.  It has been long admired by folks from all walks of life.  It sells.  It sells on skin as tattoos, in jewellery, in decals, on clothing, in hair products, bath products, perfumes and deodorizers, on fabric, room decorations, at funerals, in weddings, at parties, carved into furniture, in paintings and drawings, even in children's colour books, stories, and movies.  Roses are everywhere and anywhere and are a welcome item in an abundance of shapes, forms, sizes, colours.  The rose sells inside, outside, and all year-round.  It sells in rain, sleet, fog, snow, hot or cold weather. 

The rose market is an abundant one, to say the least.  Any holiday is appropriate for selling roses.  Whoever decided the rose has symbolism according to its colours provided an outpouring for sales.  Naming the roses was another brilliant idea for the market.

The rose sells itself, although plenty of advertisement goes into the sale of the rose and its products and by-products. The rose is a winner whether it is alive or dead.  Even the black rose has meaning.  Dried roses can be used for products as well.  Then you have the products that result from processing the rose.  Rose oils and rose waters are at least two such products.

Health stores enjoy the benefits of the rose market. It is widely known that rose hips are high in Vitamin C.  Rosehips are the 'fruit' that develops once the petals have fallen off the rose flower, about the size of a cherry, and similar in taste to a cranberry.  Indeed there are many vitamins on the market that tout the addition of rose hips.  Even Vitamin C itself can have the added appeal of rosehips.

Although, not a popular idea anymore, many recipes can be made using rosehips.  You must remove all seeds to avoid discomfort when digested.  This shouldn't scare a person from experimenting with the recipes.  Many foods must be properly prepared to avoid digestive problems.

Should you decide to be adventurous enough to try cooking with rosehips, here is a list of the possibilities:  syrup, applesauce, pudding, fruit leather, soup, bread, tea, pie, candy, and jelly.  Rose berries were eaten as dinner vegetables in World War II, to enhance good health.

The rose market for plants alone is enormous.  Potted, climbing, as bushes, wild, cuttings, or as seeds. The rose spreads joy in many ways, for many reasons, in many forms.  No one is too old or young to be touched by a rose in some way, shape or form.  It is indeed one of the most wondrous creations.

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