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Are you looking to install a garden in your backyard, but don’t have a lot of room for one? If so, you may be considering buying a raised garden bed. Raised garden beds enable you to have the vegetable or flower garden you desire, without tearing up your yard. Hexies™ Garden Beds are the perfect solution for your raised garden bed needs, and with an easy design and 5 minute assembly that requires no tools, anyone can install a Hexies™ Garden Bed.

Hexies™ Garden Beds are made from quality BlueScope steel and have a five-year warranty, so you know that the product is top-notch. The Hexies™ do-it-yourself raised garden bed can be installed on any surface, from concrete to grass. This makes installation and preparation much easier.

Another benefit to the Hexies™ Garden Beds are that they can be moved, added to and dismounted easily. A family could easily construct a Hexies™ Raised Garden Bed as a weekend project. After the Hexies™ garden bed is completed; add herbs, vegetables, flowers or a combination of flora to create a wonderful family garden.

Besides being quite versatile, Hexies™ beds also add to your yard. The beds come in a range of Colourbond colours and shapes. You could place a blue hexagon raised bed on your front porch, and a red square raised bed on your back patio. You can become a landscape architect in your own backyard.

Take a look at the variety of Hexies™ products we offer, and find the perfect set for your yard. Hexies™ Garden Beds are Australia’s best raised bed manufacturer. Free Call 0424 370 686 for more information or simply order your Hexies DIY Raised Garden Kit online today.

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